Tom Brady has $500,000 riding on a Super Bowl win

He earned $25 million in base compensation. He has added $2.875 million in incentives to date. In eight days, Tom Brady can throw another $500,000 onto the pile of 2020 earnings.

Brady’s incentive package includes a formula that pays him more and more and more based on success in the postseason. So far, he has checked four of the five boxes.

He chalked up $500,000 for a playoff berth, another $250,000 for beating Washington in the wild card round, another $500,000 for winning at New Orleans in the divisional round, and another $500,000 for upsetting the Packers in the NFC Championship. The final half million would come from beating the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

Brady also has added $1.125 million by finishing in the top five in touchdown passes and passing yards. (He missed up to another $1.6875 million by not finishing in the top five in passer rating, completion percentage, or yards per attempt.)

Brady has the same compensation package for 2021. It will be interesting to see whether the Buccaneers approach Brady and offer him a raise — and an extension. As it stands, Brady becomes a free agent next year, and the Bucs have agreed to not tag him.

Given the current market for high end quarterbacks, one thing is obvious: $27.875 million for a magical season with Brady represents a significant bargain for the Buccaneers.